Situated in the middle of the foothills of the Pyrenees, this finca has a terrain of 631 ha and good traffic connections to the capital of the Province Huesca.

2 natural springs cover the watersupply and the irrigation of the surfaces that are used as agricultural areas. There is a thermal spring that can be used for Thalassotherapy and a natural cascade.



There are several newly build argricultural and residential buildings.

Building application is in progress for an organic farm with educational purpose, a Thalassotherapy Centre and a rural hotel complex.

Approval of a campsite with small bungalows is possible.

The agricultural surfaces are cultivated and in use.

All machines and vehicles will be included in the sale, so will be the live stock.

The entire terrain is facing south at a hight of approx 600-1400m above sealevel. So on clear days the views reach out to Zaragoza.

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The object has been entirely refurbished a few years ago and is equipped  with all necessary modern facilities.

The actual production of the plantations will start in 2010.

A registration as an "organic farm" is possible on short notice.

Takeover of the farm in a fully operational condition is possible immediately.

This object offers the real possibility of building a profitable base and is an ideal project for a community or group.

For more information and to arrange a viewing evidence of assets is required.

Selling price: price on request





Surfaces and their useability:


entire surface:      631 ha

scrubland:             511 ha

beech grove:           20 ha

cultivated surface: 100 ha

The cultivated surface is supplied with an irrigation system (riego por goteo) and used for the following plantations.

Almond tree plantation:   12,2 ha

Olive tree plantation:       35,0 ha

Truffle plantation:             21,0 ha

Vineyards:                          3,0 ha

Orchards:                            0,8 ha

Unused surface:                28,0 ha

Those plantations were planted in 2006 and will start to produce in 2010.

Existing buildings:


Agricultural and residential buildings:

Two building blocks at a total of 1000m2. Equipped with fully furnished kitchen, BBQ, Bathrooms, Dining room (incl. furniture) storage room, garage.

Hall with an unfinished roof.

Reservoir with a 7 million litre capacity.

Historical storrage room underground.

Existing buildings foreseen to accomodate the educational farm. (Possible grants of the spanish government):

4 newly build halls of 920 m2.

2 roofcovered undeveloped spaces of 400m2.

1 aviary

1 timber house of 60m2.


Existing building for Thalassotherapy:

New development with a 300m2 surface, equipped with airconditioning and baths.


Building permissions that will shortly be approved.


Educational Organic Farm:

Thalassotherapy Centre:  Besides the existing buildings there are plans for: Indoorswimmingpool, outdoor swimmingpool, treatment and massage area. There is a cold thermal spring.

Rural Hotel Complex:

Campsite possible: According to the local building authority the construction of a campsite with small Bungalows is possible. There are existing flat and wide enough surfaces for this purpose, that even more offer excellent views over the whole of the provinz Aragon.



Machines, vehicles and other equipment:

Several tractors, harvesters, excavators, 3 4x4 vehicles, current generator


Existing live stock:

Ponies, horses, deer, donkeys, goats, boars. There is shelters and stables.



Springs and Water Supply:

Natural Freshwater Spring: The capacity of this spring is sufficient to irrigate the agricultural surfaces and guarantee the supply of water to the residents.

Natural Cold Water Thermal Spring: This is supposed to be feeding the Thalassotherapy Centre.


There is a connection to the public electricity network.

The existing cascade could be used to generate electricity.



Existing Charges:

The existing mortgage is transferable and has a residual term of 15 years. There is no further charges.