(Pathway below the village)


The village is situated near Huesca, not far from the well known springs of “Las Vilas del Turbon”.
It was build on the southside of a mountain facing south and therefore has sun all day.
At a hight of approx 1.300-1350m above sea level the view over the valleys is fantastic. 


The 400ha terrain that comes with the village is to 80% covered by forest.
Moreover exist the remains of the original orchards which the former inhabitants cultivated.
The overall terrain stretches out from 1.100m till about 1.500m above Sealevel and is a naturally intact and unspoiled area.

Contaminations to the environment   like electromagnetic ones or other poisonous  pollutions seems not to exist. There are about 7 fresh water springs on the terrain.


The authorities have given permission to reconstruct and expand the former village that is now abandoned.
Even though the whole terrain is extremely private as there is no public paths or streets crossing through, it is still connected to the outside world and easily accessible.  This is because of the one main road, that ends near the old villages border and therefore has no through traffic  but rather remains a private access way.

All in all this is an extraordinary object right in the middle of the Pyrenees and its unspoiled nature.
Would suit groups, communities. Perfect as a holiday resort.

For further Information and viewings evidence of assets is required.

Selling Price: 2,4 mio €


Traffic connections:

100km to Lerida, 250km to Barcelona, close to skiing resorts in the Pyrenees.


Surfaces and their useability:

Whole terrain:  400ha
80% of this is mixed forest in an excellent condition
20% are orchards, fields and the village



There is about 20-30 buildings a small chapel and a cemetery. All buildings are run down and need serious reconstruction.


Building development potential:

After consulting the authorities the following building measures will be approved.

1.Demolition of the existing remains and the reconstruction of about 20 average sized family homes. The construction of another 20 houses as an extension of the village.
A rather rural appearance is expected, but the typical pyreneen building style and design is not obligatory.
2. Construction of a community centre.
3. Construction of 5 more new houses in the immediate vicinity of the reconstructed village.
4. Construction of a campsite with up to 30 spaces and small bungalows up to 60m2 big.
5. Under special restrictions concerning fire regulations there is the possibility the authorities will approve more individual houses throughout the whole of the terrain.



Short term:  The reconstruction of the original village with its 20 houses can take place.
Medium term:  After permission is through, the additional 25 houses can be build.
                             The campsite can be constructed.
                             The community centre can be constructed.
Long term: (over a period of 1-2 years) more houses can be build (their number has to be agreed on by the authorities).


Springs and Water supply:

7 natural water springs on the actual terrain.



At the moment there is no connection to the public electricity network. It is about 6 km to the nearest power line. And it is binding for the supplying company to reconnect the village to the facilities as it was before.



The district forestry has the right to use the terrain and therefore services the surrounding area.  There are no further charges.

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